Wood Promotion Pavilion – everything about wood for wood and furniture industries

Wood and furniture industries are a significant part of Polish economy. Resource base are the resources of Polish forests, which condition and development depend on income that is generated from sales of wood to processing companies. Poland is the 10th largest manufacturer and 4th exporter of furniture in the world. Wood industry sales goods that value approximately 45 billion zloty a year abroad, what constitutes 10% of the whole Polish export. A key measure of the role of forest and wood sector in a Polish economy is the fact that it generates approximately 2% GDP, provides employment for hundreds of thousands people and constitutes a driver for investments and development of innovative technologies.

Origin, way of collecting and physical characteristics of wood make it the most natural and friendly material that is being used at such a large scale. It is estimated that modern wood has approximately 30 thousand applications: wood and wood-based materials are used among others in construction, mining, energy, sailing (boats and yachts) industry, for manufacture of agricultural and industrial machines, floors, furniture, window and door frames, boards, paper and packaging, tools, musical instruments, sports equipment, toys and office supplies.

Poland as the wood power

Maintaining the dynamics of growth of wood industry requires a number of supporting actions that will ensure stability of its supplies in wood, assist in implementation of advanced solutions and technologies and facilitate sales of products and winning outlets.

To meet the expectations of the industry, during International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for Wood and Furniture Industries Drema 2017, in hall No. 3 will be held Wood Promotion Pavilion, which aim is to popularise companies and institutions operating in wood and furniture sectors. Guests present at the trade fair for four days of the event will have an opportunity to learn about the activity of both polish industry associations (Association of Polish Parquet Fitters, Polish Economic Chamber of Wood Industry, Association of Manufacturers of Wood Based Panels in Poland) as well as foreign associations, so that this year's edition of the Wood Promotion Pavilion will gain international character, polish representatives of science and higher education institutions (Poznań University of Live Sciences, Wood Technology Institute ) as well as representatives of the leading media (among others website Drewno.pl).

Wood Promotion Pavilion area will include : Knowledge Zone, Parquet Zone, and participants of the trade fair will have an opportunity to take part and make use of: lectures concerning issues relevant for the wood industry, practical trainings, offer of secondary schools and higher education institutes specialising in wood technologies as well as test themselves in operation of forest machines simulators.

First of all, effectiveness!

A very important element of Wood Promotion Pavilion will be B2B Wood Meetings - cooperative meetings for companies from the wood sector, accompanied by presentation of their offer. Thanks to the exposition of foreign associations, Polish companies will have the opportunity to talk about the wood and furniture industry and the international market. The undertaking is coordinated by Polish Economic Chamber of Wood Industry. The meetings aim at enabling contact of representatives of companies from the industry that may potentially become partners for one another. B2B Wood Meetings may turn out to be an incredibly efficient marketing and sale tool. Concept of the event to combine meetings of the industry and presentation of offer of companies with organisation of cooperative meetings undoubtedly increases chances for winning new business contacts, signing contracts, establishing and continuation of cooperation and at the same time, more effective use of opportunities provided by trade fair events.

For guests visiting hall No. 3 have also been prepared stands with interesting design, special zones and a number of attractions.

Wood Promotion Pavilion at Drema trade fair will certainly be a source of inspiration and knowledge and great platform for promotion of companies and institutions from wood industry. Wood and furniture industries have greater and greater possibilities for growth as new perspectives open up. The aim of event held in hall No. 3 is to enable professionals access to leading companies, most advanced machines, extraordinary solutions, innovations and key information. The Wood Promotion Pavilion at Drema will certainly be a source of inspiration and knowledge as well as an excellent promotion platform for wood companies.

Feel invited! September 12-15, 2017, Poznan International Fair

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