List of MTP Gold Medal Laureates of DREMA 2017

Congratulations to the winners!

All MTP Gold Medals are equivalent.

The list is arranged alphabetically by product.

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These products therefore deserve special attention, and we'll see them, of course, during the DREMA fair!

Get to know the MTP Gold Medal Laureates of DREMA 2017


1. Machining Centre MONOFAST

CMS Spa, Italy

Submitted by: CMS Polska Sp. z o.o., Skórzewo

Hall 6A Stand 13








Monofast - is a machining centre for turning, milling and drilling of small wooden parts. It is the only CMS system dedicated to the fully automated production of complex elements.

• Fully independent machine

• Changing tools without the loss of time

• Automatic system for raw elements loading and ready products unloading

• Possibility to process six sides of an element

• Ergonomic machine operator position

• The machine is extremely compact and safe


2. ProfilCut Q Diamond head system

LEITZ GmbH & Co.KG, Austria

Submitted by: LEITZ Polska Sp. z o.o., Radomsko

Hall 5A Stand 26



thumbnail_2-profilcut_q_dia.jpg The unique combination of ultra-lightweight aluminium body of the tool and diamond removable knives, possibility of multiple sharpening with constant diameter ensures maximum efficiency and profitability. The system is designed for high precision machining of wood, composite wood, plywood, aluminium and plastics. It is dedicated for HSC (High-Speed Cutting) treatment, with extremely high cutting speed.


ICA SpA, Italy

Submitted by: ICA Polska Sp. z o.o., Piotrków Trybunalski

Hall 5A Stand 37




Increasing the awareness of environmental damage caused by the use of fossil fuels polymers, was the incentive to undertake research on water-dilutable coatings. Water-dilutable bio-varnishes, as compared to conventional water-dilutable varnishes, allow the reduction of CO2 emissions by 34% (i.e. Carbon Footprint (CFP). In the CFP calculation, the total emission of the products or total duration of the "cradle to grave" service cycle expressed in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent Co2e are taken into account.

4. Corpus 4 Software

Tri D Corpus d.o.o., Croatia

Submitted by: Lignumsoft Adam Wileński, Kobyłka

Hall 5 Stand 12



thumbnail_4-pudelko_corpus_300dpi-02.jpg Corpus is a comprehensive solution for any production company which, by choosing the CAD/CAM software, focuses on speed, simplicity and quality of design, and then on the efficiency and flexibility of the transfer of data into production. Its excellent price makes Corpus available to everyone, and its use allows you to start work immediately.

5. Rema Fx550 dimension saw

REMA S.A., Reszel

Hall 5 Stand 50



thumbnail_5-fx-550-3_osie.jpg Rema Fx550 is a new dimension saw construction. Precise material basing and cutting arrangements ensure easier and faster work. Innovative de-dusting systems improve working conditions. Robust design ensures reliability and efficiency of the machine for many years. The Fx550 model allows you to cut a variety of materials on the same machine up to the sawing height of 200 mm.

6. WEINIG POWERMAT 1500 four-side profiler with WEINIG SYSTEM PLUS


Hall 5 Stand 3



thumbnail_6-weinig_profilarka_czterostro Elegant design, best finish in every detail. With Powermat 1500, the WEINIG company offers extraordinary features in the standard version. With high-quality equipment in the standard option, based upon the latest technology, Powermat 1500 offers excellent comfort and utmost economics. The machine is the result of many years of our experience. Offered with many useful options, it can be ideally suited to your needs.

7. CPU VACS vacuum-pressure central unit

Gebr. Becker GmbH, Germany

Submitted by: Becker Polska Sp. z o.o., Kościan

Hall 5 Stand 26



thumbnail_7-vacs-zdjecie_produktu.jpg The VACS vacuum-pressure central unit with the VariAir technology is an intelligent and compact solution being an optimal and efficient vacuum power and high pressure source, depending on the current requirements. The control panel enables complete operation and monitoring of the system, providing the required pressure adjustment range. VACS system devices are equipped with VariAir frequency converters that enable smooth and precise adjustment of pumps efficiency, which translates into energy savings.

8. Auto-calibration system for CNC multi-axis machines

Fanum Skorupski – Wójcik Sp.J., Wielopole Skrzyńskie

Hall 6A Stand 22



thumbnail_8-autokalibracja-fanum.jpg Only 15% of collisions on the machines requires intervention of a mechanical machine service; the rest is mostly associated with tedious and complicated manual recalibration. Fanum, innovative machine auto-calibration system, is a revolutionary solution in the market of multi-axis CNC for wood and composites. The system automatically detects overload that may potentially de-calibrate the machine, and in a fully automated cycle it measures and compensates for the resulting shifts, which significantly reduces costs and machine downtime.

9. TORNADO - Chip Extraction System

FREZITE Polska Sp. z o.o., Radomsko

Hall 5A Stand 36



thumbnail_9-tornado.jpg FREZITE has developed the TORNADO system in order to create an efficient chip extraction system during cutting on CNC machines, facilitating rapid removal of chips formed while milling, profiling and cutting. The use of the system ensures cleanliness and improves air quality, taking care of the operator's health in the workplace.

10. InfoTEC PRO Hybrid multi-operational CNC centre for furniture production

InfoTEC CNC Sp. z o.o., Poznań

Hall 5 Stand 12


thumbnail_10-infotec_pro_hybrid_druk.jpg InfoTEC PRO Hybrid follows the current trends in furniture production and is clearly an innovation for the wood industry. Combining two different machining features in one device reduces the need for inter-operation transport, increases production accuracy, enhances production process flexibility (universality) as well as the ability to produce different components. InfoTEC PRO Hybrid – a solution for Professionals!

11. "ZaK" - Device for identifying the actual transverse contour of wheels in band saws.

ASPI Sp. z o.o. Sp.k., Suwałki

Hall 5A, Stand 28


thumbnail_11-img_20170801_091615.jpg This device enables user to outline the contour of a wheel directly in the band saw. It has a simple, compact design and low weight. For accurate tensioning of the band saws, its value should be adjusted to the actual wheel contour. A very useful function of digital recording ensures convenient presentation of the actual contour of the band saw wheel.
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