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Novelties at DREMA Fair






Impregnating machine for window and door frames APACHE Q-BASE SARMAX

The old techniques of applying impregnation or primer to assembled windows and frames did not guarantee total protection of the product, sacrificing tenons, spaces and holes for the pins. Thanks to the new Q-BASE coating technology applied to the non-assembled element, it is possible to obtain total coverage of your window and door frame in accordance with the strictest international standards, which is the indispensable characteristic of obtaining any quality certification.

77 BLUE MACHINE Józef Sobczyk


Pavilion 5, booth 10



Machining center CNC mod. TORMAT.JOKER DINCMAK


This machine is designed with 4 axis and with 5 functions for producing all kind of chair, table and furniture legs. This machine has Shaping, Sanding, Routing, Boring/Slot mortising and turning functions. Automatic loading unit allow the correct and safety carrying the workpiece between centers.


77 BLUE MACHINE Józef Sobczyk


Pavilion 5, booth 10



CNC Automatic T.C.T. Circular Saw Grinder mod. CNC-PRO X ABM


Fully 7-Axes CNC Control, oil coolant ready, FREE PROGRAMMING feature, Double Wheel System The CNC PRO X is a rapid, CNC controlled automatic face and top grinding machine that is capable of grinding all standard tooth shapes on T.C.T. circular saws up to Ø810mm in one cycle with double wheel system. All t! he operation is simple, referencing only from one tooth. All t! he rest of the adjustments are automatically done by CNC controlled axes. All the geometries are done in one single pass. CNC PRO X is designed to grind various types of T.C.T. circular saw blades, generally used for cutting timber, chipboard, PVC, aluminum and panel, MDF blades. It provides a clean cutting edge.


77 BLUE MACHINE Józef Sobczyk


Pavilion 5, booth 10



DML250 Cast Iron 10\" Mini Lathe

The DML250 is a compact and extremely well built machine that offers excellent performance and exceptional value for money. It is also ideal as a second lathe for regular use on small work and its portability means it can be used at demonstrations and shows.


Agencja AMK Sp. z o.o.


Pavilion 4, booth 56



Cabineo the connector of the future!

Cabineo.Time-saving furniture connector without edge drilling and with very high clamping force. Efficient machining with all CNC machines. Faster machining and assembly. Stronger connections.

Agencja AMK Sp. z o.o.


Pavilion 4, booth 56




Expansion gap cutter for widths from 4 to 8 mm

Agencja AMK Sp. z o.o.

Pavilion 4, booth 56




With our new Elite Clamping Platform, the Elite workbenches will be more flexible and will create a bigger working surface.
All the 19 mm diameter dog holes make the bench more flexible and suitable for most existing clamping systems on the market.


Agencja AMK Sp. z o.o.

Pavilion 4, booth 56



Woodwork for Inventor v8


Woodwork for Inventor v8 is furniture design software that is fully integrated into Autodesk Inventor. These two software packages combined make a great 3D woodworking design tool for furniture designers. It doesn’t matter if you are making kitchen furniture, cupboards or any other cabinetry, Woodwork for Inventor will help you by automati! ng processes (routine tasks to start the preparation of manufa! cturing processes), thereby removing potential errors. Using our woodworking software, designers have more time for creativity, enabling them to work more efficiently and accurately. Woodwork for Inventor software is available in English, French, German, Russian, Polish, Italian and Spanish languages.

CADSOFT Tomasz Grzyb

Pavilion 6A, booth 4



Poplar patch

The table is unique thanks to its unique over 2 me! ters in diameter.



Pavilion 3, booth 31



Oak table

Oak wood table with one piece of wood 5 meters long.


Pavilion 3, booth 31



Ankle table

The table is made of wood cubes.


Pavilion 3, booth 31




Special router for installation of all kind of hinges on frames and any kind of doors. The FR129VB is equipped with a powerful
motor of 1,000 W, electronic speed adjustment and electronic system to mantain constant speed under load.


ITA TOOLS Sp. z o.o.


Pavilion 6A, booth 15



Track Quick PIHER

Track Quick Piher is a solution for clamping material on workbench and use it for powertools track. Easy, one hand use. Nylon and fiberglass jaws on forged and tempered carbon steel bar.


ITA TOOLS Sp. z o.o.


Pavilion 6A, booth 15




Starlock enables extremely reliable and fast accessory changes in a record time of less than 3 seconds. It also guarantees a secure fit and therefore maximum power transfer. The result: up to around 35% faster performance depending on the accessory, noticeably improved precision and reduced noise. To protect the individual tools from overload and damage, the system is divided into 3 performance classes: Starlock, StarlockPlus and StarlockMax.
The performance potential of an oscillating tool can only be fully exploited with the right accessories.
The exceptional quality and service life of our accessories combined with the perfect results delivers excellent value for money.


ITA TOOLS Sp. z o.o.

Pavilion 6A, booth 15



V-0930 OVVO connector

The new V-0930 connector has a smaller profile than the original connector, and significantly extends the range of substrates in which OVVO® can be used. It works best in high-grade board with thickness of 12 mm and above, and can also work in slightly thinner materials that are more dense, such as high pressure laminates, composite material and solid wood for certain applications.
The innovative dovetail design delivers increased intrinsic tolerance which leads to enhanced shear and tensile strength of the joint created; the new design also features a solid central rib that confers increased joint rigidity. The new single piece housing also makes automatic insertion possible – a significant enhancement on the design of the original connector.


ITA TOOLS Sp. z o.o.

Pavilion 6A, booth 15



CMT 235 Xtreme

Leuco Patent Pending tooth geometry and tool body design guarantee an extensive array of applications when working with larger traditional solid woods and wood-based panels. The “Xtreme All-Around” blade delivers excellent quality, ensures 20 times longer lifetime and boasts a 20% reduction in noise compared to conventional carbide saw blades.

ITA TOOLS Sp. z o.o.

Pavilion 6A, booth 15



ProfilCut Q Diamond

Maximum performance for profile tools

ProfilCut Q Diamond is a unique combination of an ultralight aluminium tool body and re-sharpenable profile knives. This enables constant diameter diamond cutting, guaranteeing higher efficiency and maximum productivity and profitability. Materials: particularly effective for applications using advanced materials, all wood materials and all plastics. Suitable for highspeed cutting (HSC) machining with extremely high rim speeds.


Leitz Polska Sp. z o.o.


Pavilion 5A, booth 26



WhisperCut circular saw blade


High performance with a whisper

With the WhisperCut circular saw blade, Leitz has designed a very user-friendly and future-oriented saw technology. The unique grouping design of the saw blade teeth guarantees excellent cutting quality and virtually universal use for common wood-based panels and solid wood. The saw blade is quiet at idle and low noise in operation, significantly improving the workplace environment. Thanks to the diamond tips and stable tooth geometry, this saw blade has an extremely long tool life. The ability to be sharpened twice noticeably reduces production costs. Cut for cut, the WhisperCut circular saw blade quietly delivers high performance.


Leitz Polska Sp. z o.o.


Pavilion 5A, booth 26





The all-rounder for flexible processing of wood and plastics

Maximal flexibility:

- Suitable to process nearly all working materials

- Applicable on different machine types

- Wide range of application through three edge qualities

User-friendly handling:

- Knife change without mounting equipment

- Standardized turnblade knives

Excellent performance:

- Optimized for high speed cutting

- Large cutting volumes through optimized edge- and gullet geometry

- Outstanding performance times and significant reduction of set-up times through perfect selection of cutting materials

Maximum efficiency:

- Machine protection through high balancing quality and aluminium light weight construction

- Tungsten carbide knives, 4 times changeable

- Excellent price-performance ratio

- 5 times longer performance time in comparison to market usual cutterhead systems


Leitz Polska Sp. z o.o.


Pavilion 5A, booth 26



Compact hogger


With the new compact hogger, Leitz offers a cost efficient machining solution in tried and tested Leitz quality. This tool offers drastically reduced purchase and service costs due to ist specially designed cutting geometry. As usual, Leitz provides longevity, durability and quality  without compromise. Running metre for running metre, it guarantees maximum cost-efficiency in production, especially when processing furniture parts with thin edges. Thanks to ist solid and robust design, even high mineral content material can be economically processed. With the potential capasity for 10-fold resharpening, production costs are noticeably reduced even further.


Leitz Polska Sp. z o.o.


Pavilion 5A, booth 26



DG Polisher 3.0


Precise adjustment of the polishing wheel allows for high quality gloss on the front surface and smooth rotation regulation ensures perfect working conditions for any type of polished surface, regardless of its size and shape.

Warsztat tokarsko ślusarski Mateusz Gola

Pavilion 4, booth 73



Optimization of input material of varying width in OWD-1600 cross-cut optimizing saw


The newest version of our OWD-1600 model offers an option of optimization of input material of varying width. Now you don\'t have to pre-sort input material according to its width. OWD-1600 cross-cut optimizing saw has an option for width scanner allowing for automatic selection of cutting program according to detected input material width. This option is very useful especially for manufacturers of oak stripes and cabinet or table tops.



Pavilion 5, booth 5




High quality digital module for measuring environmental conditions, i. e. temperature ranging -25 - 70 °C and humidity 0 - 100% RH, equipped with temperature compensation of humidity measurement, self-diagnosis functions and MODBUS-RTU interface.



Pavilion 4, booth 54



HT System

System for measuring, visualization and archiving environmental conditions (humidity, temperature) and sending notifications when defined thresholds are exceeded. Allows access to measurement data via webpage.



Pavilion 4, booth 54



Humidification systems

Control systems for air humidification on the production and storage halls. The amount of monitored zones and sensors in each one depends on clients requirements. Settings control and alarm log available via touch panel.


Pavilion 4, booth 54



Spark detection and extinguishing systems

Spark detection and extinguishing system supervises infrastructure elements e.g. pneumatic conveyors and dust collectors, preventing material loss because of fire. We provide complex solutions for small-scale and extensive installations.


Pavilion 4, booth 54



Stefani solution XD

Designed for the industrial production of both identical and different batches and for intensive use even beyond the daily working shift. Due to its versatility and with working lengths up to 9 meters, every type of production can easily reach cost-effective machining with the possibility to customise finishing quality, performance requirements, flexibility levels and any other useful aspect for production and market requirements.


SCM GROUP Polska Sp. z o.o.

Pavilion 6A, booth 13



stefani kd

Continuous and versatile solutions for quality machining are the distinctive features of stefani kd.
All you would expect from an edge banding machine: the use of EVA and Polyurethane glue thanks to the SGP glue pot, machining units with electronic axes allowing the automatic set up for 2 different radii, infinite thin edges and solid wood up to 12 mm.
It is the ideal edge bander for all those companies that need to produce many panels for both small and large batch production.

SCM GROUP Polska Sp. z o.o.

Pavilion 6A, booth 13



Gabbiani p

Ideal solution for the advanced woodworker and the small woodworking companies.
Single-blade beam saw controlled by PC/PLC control system, designed to cut to size solid wood panels, chipboards, MDF panels, multilayer panels, plywood panels and fiber panels.


SCM GROUP Polska Sp. z o.o.

Pavilion 6A, booth 13




dmc mb 90 is the ideal solution for the finishing of routed MDF panels, assembled kitchen cabinet doors, doors and windows and similar profiled parts (picture frame strips, cableways, matchboardings, skirting boards). Parts can be rough or painted.

SCM GROUP Polska Sp. z o.o.

Pavilion 6A, booth 13



Morbidelli P200

Multifunction machining centre for drilling, routing and edge banding
morbidelli p200 is a machining centre for drilling, routing and edge treatment for the furniture industry, the perfect solution for “just in time” production and for making panels that are ready for assembly.
morbidelli p200 allows all machining on a panel in a single machining centre, guaranteeing high quality edging application.
A top tier technological solution to the demands of various goods sectors: from office furniture to bedrooms, and custom designs for stores and interiors.


SCM GROUP Polska Sp. z o.o.

Pavilion 6A, booth 13



ProNest Seron CNC Center

Automated CNC Machine Center for nesting of wood-based boards with feed and receive system.

The machine is mainly intended for the furniture industry. Solid, steel precisely machined construction and used by high quality class components which give us high performance and long-term trouble-free operation.

A working area of 2100 by 3000 mm gives the possibility to process standard dimensions of furniture boards without prior preparation.

The feeder system fully automates the work. The whole full size furniture pallet goes to the feeder, then they are transported to the plotter center where the machine performs vertical drilling and cutting. After when the job is done the form is transported to the reiving tecable and the machine takes next furniture pallet.

This construction give us continuous work and comprehensive material handling by one person.

The machine has a graphic design program which has own library that automatically converts ready-made furniture pieces into cutting and nesting files including holes and undercuts. This makes it a very helpful tool.

The machine is applicable to:

• nesting of furniture boards,
• production of furniture fronts,
• processing of furniture boards, plywood, particle boards,
• plastics processing

Seron Kołodziejczyk Sp. J.

Pavilion 5, booth 30



BCCN120M2 - BOSTITCH cordless finishing nailer for nails dia 1.6mm
Absolute novelty in BOSTITCH\'s offer. Nobody outside the Stanley group offers such a tool. With a brushless motor and a 4.0Ah battery, it is possible to make 1200-1600 shots with one charge. It has depth adjust, battery charge indicator and many other advantages. Fasteners length 32-63mm.
Stanley Black and Decker Polska Pavilion 4, booth 23


BTCN560M2-QW BOSTITCH cordless nailing machine on 33/34 ° nails This is a new BOSTITCH 2-speed cordless nailer with 50 to 90 mm nails.
Using 2 - speed (power levels) allows you to adjust the driving force to the length of the nailed nails. With a brushless motor and a 4.0Ah battery, it is possible to make 600-800 shots with one charge.
Stanley Black and Decker Polska Pavilion 4, booth 23


BCCN110D2 – BOSITCH cordless brad nailer for brads dia 1.2 mm


Absolute novelty in BOSTITCH's offer. Nobody outside the Stanley group offers such a tool. With a brushless motor and a large 2.0Ah battery, it is possible to make 800-1200 shots with one charge. It has depth adjust, battery charge indicator and many other advantages. Fasteners length 15-54 mm.

Stanley Black and Decker Polska Pavilion 4, booth 23


Hoggers cutting tool Cutting tool noise has been reduced due to innovative tool geometry and selectively chosen steel that reduces tool vibration to a minimum. Dedicated tool design allows perfect edge performance in wood based materials. P.H.M. POLCOMM Pavilion 5A, booth 15


PSS-System is a special tool clamping system that allows users to precisely adjust 2 individual cutting tools between each other. PSS-System is mounted to one of the tools as a base and the other tool can be adjusted. Complete system additionally is mounted on hydro sleeve (ETP). Adjustment range up to 5mm.
P.H.M. POLCOMM Pavilion 5A, booth 15


Tempora 60.06 / 60.06L The patented advantEdge aggregate enables the zero joint when proscessing co-extruded edge material. 3 finisch units, Chain feed speed up to 18 m / min, 16`` Control with 10.4” Touch Screen display are just some of the features of the Tempora 60.06 Edgebander. Felder Group Polska sp z o.o.


Creator 950 Compact CNC technology with a space requirement of 5 m². For procesing of 3500 mm long, 950 mm wide and 80 mm thick workpieces. The 12kW main power spindle, 4 postion tool changer, drill head and dowel insertion in x-axis are just some of the possible equipments for the 950 Creator. Felder Group Polska sp z o.o.



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