Descriptions of the Gold Medal winning products at the DREMA Fair 2016

1. CNC WEEKE BMG 110 Venture 115M 5-axis numerically-controlled processing centre


Submitted by: HOMAG Polska Sp. z o.o., Środa Wielkopolska

Hall 5 Stand 50


CNC WEEKE BMG 110 Venture 115 M

5-axis numerically-controlled processing centre

- compact technology

- reduction of the footprint

- free access from all sides

- two-way moving gantry

- 2 tool magazines


Working length: 3,100 mm

Y axis milling: max. 1,400 mm

Vertical drilling: max. 1,550 mm

Workpiece thickness: 160 mm

Weight: 3,500 kg 343

Main spindle: 12 KW

Drilling head: 12 vertical spindles / 6 horizontal spindles

X and Y axis grooving saw

2. ZGH 3000 boiler with primary and secondary air heating system

Zakłady Maszynowe HAMECH Sp. z o.o., Hajnówka

Hall 4 Stand 4


The ZGH-3000 boiler is a device for the combustion of a mixture of bark, sawdust, fragmented post-production wood of granulation: 50mmx30mmx300mm, maximum moisture 40%, in order to produce hot water for heating or processing purposes. The boiler output is 3000 kW. It uses an innovative method to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions. The boiler works with other ZM Hamech products, i.e. Redler, HWP, KWP, multicyclone or filter for the permissible emission standards.

3. InfoTEC 3121 PRO M Line machine processing centre for individual or small series furniture manufacturing

4 CNC Sp. z o.o., Nekla

Hall 6 Stand 24


InfoTEC 3121 PRO M Line machine processing centre for small series furniture manufacturing is a response to new trends and to the expectations of consumers who more and more often require custom-designed and -sized furniture. PRO M Line is a fully automated line which, thanks to new technologies, allows for preparing forms that are ready for direct veneering without the need of pre-milling. It is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized carpentry businesses.

4. DPPE-60 multi-blade circular rip saw

Fabryka Obrabiarek do Drewna Sp. z o.o., Bydgoszcz

Hall 5 Stand 54


The DPPE-60 rip saw is a device designed for longitudinal cutting of boards and logs that allows for quick setting of board cutting in eight variants with twenty ranges of width. It has four sliding sleeves with saws, which ensures the optimal choice of cutting. All board width and cutting settings may be programmed and saved, and they are displayed on the terminal. The use of lasers allows for observing the position of saw blades.

5. BrillanceCut saw blades

LEITZ GmbH & Co.KG, Austria

Submitted by: LEITZ Polska Sp. z o.o., Radomsko

Hall 5 Stand 38


The BrillanceCut saw blades are the optimal solution if you look for saw blades which guarantee the highest quality of processed surface. They ensure the highest quality of the finished product with minimal effort.

6. Armoth Durable Supreme band saw blades

QSGS Technology Grażyna Klepuszewska, Ostrołęka

Hall 5A Stand 28


The Armoth Durable Supreme are long-life band saw blades manufactured with the use of manufacturer's own patented technology ("The band saw manufacturing method and long-life band saws") and set and non-set saw manufacturing technology elements. The Armoth Durable Supreme saw blades bridge the gap between traditional set saws and the most effective non-set saws. With the precise calibration of straight tooth width, the saw blades produce high quality surface of the cut wood, comparable to the quality offered by non-set band saws.

7. SAYERLACK ATV2325/BB – white, water-based, one-component topcoat


Submitted by: Towarzystwo Gospodarcze MEBLOPOL Sp. z o.o., Poznań

Hall 5A Stand 15


The ATV2325/BB topcoat - CoffeeProof: innovative, white, water-based, one-component topcoat completely resistant to coffee stains - the biggest "enemy" of white coatings. In addition, it has high hardness, exceptional uniformity of matting and good thixotropy. It may be applied on kitchen, bathroom, bedroom furniture, doors and other interior surfaces. Depending on the needs, it may be combined with dedicated water-based pigmented pastes.

8. OVVO® Connection System


Submitted by: ITA TOOLS Sp. z o.o., Kraków

Hall 6A Stand 17


The OVVO® Connection System is a revolutionary solution for connecting materials without using glue and screws. It is a completely invisible, self-clamping solution that guarantees between the two pieces of any material being joined. OVVO® allows for a variety of joints and angles. With the wide range of applications, you may use it for connecting pre-packaged furniture, kitchen furniture, door frames, shower cubicles and many other materials. OVVO® is an easy, effective and durable connection.

9. VarioRip 310 M multi-blade rip saw


Hall 5 Stand 4


Raimann VarioRip 310 M - the most modern multi-blade rip saw for optimising the cutting width of adjustable saws, ensuring efficient use of the material. The RipAssistPro programme is the best use of wood and the highest productivity.
A special conveyor with spikes improves safety and offers the quality of cutting designed for bonding. VarioRip 310 M is the minimum set-up times and the simplest operation. The Quickfix system - a fast-release system for retooling without any spacers or tools. The SafetyPlus systemguarantees maximum operator safety.

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